Direct Download

Edible DEX your remote sales people/delivery staff to download their delivery information from a compatible directly into your client's system.

After extensive on-site testing, our company has been approved to utilize the DEX interface by a number of these chains. The module works as follows:

  • At the time of delivery, the driver will retrieve the order on the hand-held
  • The driver can then make any needed changes to the order within the hand-held; for example if there is a short delivery or if an item is refused by the customer.
  • Once the products and quantities have been agreed upon, the customer can approve the order in their system and confirmation is sent back to the hand-held. Finally, the driver attaches the hand-held to a standard DEX cable that is attached to the customer's delivery computer and all of the relevant information is then downloaded into their computer.
  • At some future time, the delivery information (including sales information and customer's acceptance signature) is electronically transferred into Edible Software.

Edible DEX is a valuable sales resource, since it will enable you to acquire more customers. the demand for this module increases, it assures continued sales to your customer since very few distribution companies are able to provide this module and then have it be accepted for live operations.