Houston, TX – [January 5, 2016]Edible Software will be exhibiting at the Winter Fancy Food Show January 17-19, 2016. New product features debuted at the booth include Edible Store and EDI.  Come by the booth to see a live demonstration of Edible Software’s ability to increase gross profits! To learn more about these modules, or other products we offer before the show, please give us a call. (www.ediblesoftware.com).

 Inside Booth 959

Edible Software will be exhibiting the new features of Edible Store and EDI. These modules were specifically crafted to increase productivity and gross profits. To catch you up on these modules, read their profit making potential.

Edible Store is an optional add-on module that enables your customers to place orders over the Internet, 24 hours a day. These orders are immediately synced with Edible Software into your system.

Edible Store Features:

  • Many available settings for what your customers can see and order.
  • Order History allows your customers to see expected orders, new orders, orders in process, and shipped and billed invoices.
  • The shopping cart saves product selected by the customer. Once the customer is ready to place their order, it is submitted to you automatically and immediately.
  • Improved cart item searching. The user can type multiple words separated by spaces and each word is treated as a contains in the item code and item description search.

Edible Store for Sales Benefits:

  • You can filter customer lists! (store customers & non-store customers), and select one to proxy/ login as.
  • Can return to customer list to login as a different customer.
  • Can change estimated line pricing in the cart: If a price is changed, the flag is set to 1 so that the price is not automatically updated when imported into Edible Software.
  • Can see additional item information (the warehouse, market cost, and available quantity) from the cart by clicking on the “I” button next to the item code.

EDI is a module that allows the exchange of business documents like Purchase Orders and Acknowledgments, Invoices, and Price Catalogs between computer systems. This benefits companies by improving order fulfillment, accuracy, and reducing overhead costs.

EDI Benefits:

  • Accuracy: Data quality will be improved with at least a 30-40% reduction of errors.
  • Cost Reduction: EDI will reduce or eliminate paper reproduction, storage, postage, and document retrieval.
  • Efficiency: Quick processing of accurate business documents leads to less re-working orders, fewer stock outs, and fewer canceled orders.
  • Mapping: is an important feature of EDI because it creates unity between partners.

Charles Butler, Executive VP of Sales and marketing at Edible Software, says that:“The measure of your ERP software is not only what the base package can provide you with, but what other module your software providers can offer to help improve your business efficiencies. Stop by booth 959, so that we can provide you with the resources to reach your optimal goals.”

About Winter Fancy Food Show

The Winter Fancy Food Show is the West Coast’s largest specialty food & beverage trade show, held annually in January. Discover 80,000 on-trend and best-in-class products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic and more. Connect with 1,300 exhibitors representing the latest in specialty foods and beverages from across the U.S. and 35 countries and regions (www.specialtyfood.com).

About Edible Software

Edible Software is a premier provider of inventory control, traceability, and full accounting systems software. We are proud of the accuracy and reliability of our software including the many benefits that have been provided to our clients and their customers. We cherish the close relationships that have been built with our clients and the care that our staff displays towards each of them. Our goal is to be the best wholesale food distribution software company, in terms of service, support, and product quality. 

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