The three common issues detrimental to a company’s growth are shrinkage, food recalls, and spoilage. Our software also provides companies with transparency and an overall view of operations. Therefore, the user will be cognizant of the source before it spreads. Edible Software is the preventative solution that will ensure your company’s survival.


Shrinkage can cause a company to lose an exorbitant amount in revenue. The cause of shrinkage could be misplaced stock, inefficient recordkeeping, shipping errors or order fill errors.

  • Antidote: Transparency throughout operations. With Edible Software, you are able to get a bird’s eye view of your operations.

Food Recallscreate stress and chaos for companies. The process for many companies to find the contaminated products has proven to be long and strenuous.

  • Antidote: With traceability software, the stress of a recall can be alleviated because you are able to track the source of the defective product.  Edible Software’s complete traceability system reduces all the guesswork in product recalls and shortens the timeframe in which all affected products are identified. Through Edible Software, a complete breakdown of lots is created from raw materials and the vendor from which the contamination originated, is discovered.

Spoilage will contribute to a loss of product and money for affected companies.

  • Antidote: Edible Software will provide your company with visibility. With our Lot Expiration Report, you will see the number of days your product is set to perish.

Edible Software complies with all Government Agency Traceability requirements, including the FDA's Bioterrorism Act. It is therefore able to track an inventory item from the originating vendor to all of the end-user customers and back again, even through a manufacturing process. Edible Software represents crystal-clear solution engineering and coding responsibility.

Avoid the headache when faced with a food recall. Edible Software is the antidote to a successful company.