The Top 10

Key Features you need to look for when purchasing an ERP solution!

10. Ability to manage Contracts, Bids and Bill-Backs

 9.  Software is sold by number of Concurrent Users not total users.

 8.  Has instant, up-to-dateinventory on-hand’ and ‘due in’ display information          

      for the salesperson.

 7.  Can automatically allocate an ‘Add-On Cost’ to every item in a PO.

 6.  Software can restrict each employee’s access to one or more specific modules.

 5.  Can provide a ‘live’, up-to-the-minute display, either desk or wall-mounted,

      showing on-hand quantities of all items per warehouse.

 4.  Software automatically provides a secure audit trail of transactions, (Who

      changed a Sales Order?)

 3.  Can provide advance warning of items that are due to expire.

 2.  Allows multiple costs per lot (item cost, freight, duty, etc.) and tracks and

      reports on each one separately.

 1.  24 hour a day, 7 day a week Software support (even on holidays)