Do you have it?

In recent news reports, we have seen multiple companies facing food recalls due to contamination of their products. We get to see the whole windstorm unfold with our favorite products removed from the shelves, store closures, and all for a lengthy period of time until the issue is resolved. Companies face scrutiny, loss of profits and negative publicity. They pull out the stops for serious clean up.

Pondering the issue of the recent food recalls, you wonder: Are there similarities here? What is the missing factor in all of this? Is there a quicker, more efficient way to find the source? The answer is YES! The missing factor is Traceability.

Without traceability, the process for companies to find the source of contaminated products will be long and arduous. Let us alleviate the potential headache for you!

Edible Software has a complete traceability system, which reduces all the guesswork in product recalls and shortens the timeframe in which all affected products can be identified. Through Edible Software, a complete breakdown of lots is created from raw materials and the vendor from which the contamination originated, is discovered.

Traceability in Edible Software is all done at the click of a button and can be reported on within a single document that includes all finished goods, raw materials and all transactions within a given lot. In addition, by allowing users to also search backwards (tracing product back from a sales invoice), a company can identify the originating vendor of the raw material, and all processing runs in which that product was used. Quick! Easy! Efficient!

Alright, now we gave you the secret to avoiding the stress and anxiety of a food recall. Ask yourself this question, “Is state-of-the art traceability in place for your company to protect leafy greens from the ground to the mouth, or beef from the ranch to the table?”