Professional Performance Across the Board

trevorChief Executive Officer

Trevor graduated from the University of Houston where he earned a B.S. in Psychology. Prior to joining Edible Software, he worked as a Camp Director at Gordon Ranch. Trevor became a member of the Edible Software team in March of 2004 and through hard work and dedication was promoted to CEO.

As the company’s leader, he has been able to increase staff, market penetration, expand product lines, and branch into new service areas. Trevor’s vision is for Edible Software to continue to be the preeminent software for wholesale distributors by achieving one simple task: by making their customer’s customers happy.


Executive Vice President

Charles attended the University of Texas, and studied Economics. Before joining Edible Software, Charles was the Communications and Information Technology Director for the largest Catholic Church in Galveston-Houston and Director of Industry Relations, Health and Safety at

bethExecutive Vice President

Beth attended Boston College, receiving a BS with a concentration in Finance. Formerly an Edible Software client as comptroller of a specialty food company, Beth brought her extensive knowledge of wholesale food distribution, manufacturing processes and accounting principles with her when she joined Edible Software in 2007.

armandoGlobal Sales Manager

Armando graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in corporate communication. Prior to joining Edible Software, he worked as a retirement planning agent recruiter at National Prosperity Life & Health. Since joining Edible Software as the Sales Executive, he has brought in new accounts and partnered with the marketing department to bring in new business.

shelviaMarketing Manager

Shelvia graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration. Prior to joining Edible Software, she worked as a Marketing Intern for Marketing Plus. As Marketing Coordinator of Edible Software, Shelvia has generated leads, and created brand awareness in order to bring in new business.

frankSupport Analyst

Frank is a current student at Sam Houston State University majoring in criminal justice. Prior to joining Edible Software, he worked at J.P. Morgan Chase as a Private Banker while enrolled in the Manager program. Frank joined the Edible Software team in August of 2013 as a Support Analyst and was promoted to Manager of the support team and EDI specialist.

Frank’s spirited personality and desire to make sure our customers have a full understanding of the software is admirable.

Favorite Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Fun Fact: Frank is an avid musician who enjoys playing the drums and a sports fanatic.